Legault & Associates

Legault & Associates Leadership Development Inc. (L&A) is a boutique firm committed to helping leaders and organizations attain their present and future objectives through the application of integrated leadership development solutions.

Our mission is to foster the development
of ethical leaders and organizations
for a sustainable future.

We have decades of experience in the development of leadership capacity. Since 1996, we have provided small, medium, and large organizations in different sectors and industries with three core services: leadership consulting, facilitation, and coaching.

Our actions are guided by respect, integrity, ethics, a sense of responsibility, and compassion. We understand the dual nature of organizations as economic enterprises and human systems and the associated challenges. We are committed to applying theories, practices, tools, and materials that will keep our clients on the leading edge of leadership development and accelerate their transformation.

“The noblest question in the world is What good may I do in it?” Benjamin Franklin