L&A guides and supports leaders and leadership teams as they develop their capacity to take broader perspectives and implement new skills and behaviors. Certified Leadership Coaches, proficient in this “just-in-time” development approach, assist clients as they develop on three leadership levels – personal, organizational, and systemic.

What we do:

  • Help clients develop personal leadership competencies, organizational leadership competencies, and broader systemic leadership competencies
  • Provide a confidential sounding board for discussions of strategic, organizational, political, people, and/or sensitive issues
  • Act as a thinking partner in order to expand perspectives and approaches and determine the implications of decisions and actions
  • Guide and provide feedback to the leadership team on their team dynamics

“I viewed my coach as a partner, who was able to bring to the forefront many things that I didn’t see about myself. This was the best experience I have ever participated in. I’ve grown both personally and professionally.”   VP HR