L&A facilitates learning and transformative processes to accelerate the developmental processes of leaders and leadership teams and optimize their performance. Experienced facilitators, versed in adult development and leadership development principles, theories, and practices, deliver group development initiatives that expand leaders’ ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

What we do:

  • Facilitate executive retreats to renew and align the organizational mission, vision, and values with the organization’s objectives and strategies
  • Deliver integrated leadership development programs tailored to client’s needs
  • Deliver executive team-building programs
  • Deliver action learning initiatives to enable problem solving while fostering learning at the individual, team, and organizational levels
  • Facilitate generative dialogue to expand leaders’ capacity to communicate and connect with others

“The 2-day strategic session surpassed my expectations. My take away is how critical it is to function as ONE leadership team with ONE clear message for all stakeholders.”   SVP Operations